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We are yuri111, LLC a USA based company, members of IBNS and a top rated power seller on Ebay . We are one of the largest suppliers of World Paper Money in the world. Our goal is to provide banknotes with the highest eye appeal, highest potential appreciation and interesting features.

Our banknotes are sold via our Ebay store, (http://stores.ebay.com/yuri111) We are one of the oldest member of Ebay community, 15 years and counting.

Our blog (www.yuri111.com/blog) is a meeting place of the minds where we share our opinion and expertise with the other collectors and dealers and welcome their opinions and expertise. The blog is maintained by the company's founder Yuri Minkin.

Among many other things, we are an exclusive world-wide representative of Kamberra banknotes, a 25 year old private banknote brand created and hand-crafted by a renowned French graphic artist, Franck Medina. We have helped Mr. Medina in the creation of Equatorial Territories, the private exclusive series of polymer banknotes that are taking collector's world by storm.

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